Valentines Day Cards!

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is enjoying the website so far!

I can’t wait to have the Members Only and Store open for you guys.

Recently I have been streaming my gameplay regularly on Twitch, which we have embedded on the website itself so everything is in one place! Or you can find it here ( ). I’ve been heavily gaming my entire life, but discovered Twitch last year. I joined in January 2015, but just as of the last month I have set up a solid schedule for my broadcasts. So – if you’re into gaming, please come watch! And if you love GTA5 as much as I do – come online and join the crew! ( )

Thank you to all of the support you all have given me 🙂 It is so appreciated! As a thank you, I will be sending out personalized Valentine’s Day cards to anyone that wants one from me! So if you would like to receive one, please email me with your address!

Can you believe it’s February already? I love it! Bring on Spring 🙂

XoXo – Elizabeth Rose