Over 20,000 Followers On Twitch!

Hey guys !

Thank you all so much for 20k ! I can’t even believe it, just the other day it feels like I hit 10k. Now I’m climbing up because of YOU guys !

As promised since I hit 20k, I am going to do a 24 hour stream starting at 12pm on Friday, July 8th – until 12pm Saturday, July 9th.

As many of you know, I have my in-stream currency (Roses) which you will be able to use during the stream to play alert sounds, music, play special games and enter giveaways. I’m so excited to be able to finally let you guys have some fun with the roses 😀

I am currently grinding incredibly hard to get partnered on Twitch, so that means I need you guys more than ever ! I will be streaming every single day no matter what the time until I get that pretty Subscribe Button 😀

Other than gaming, I’ve been snuggled up with the puppies any free second that I get 🙂 They’re getting so big and growing up so fast, sometimes it makes me sad lol. I want them to be little babies again haha. Lukey is damn near a VERY solid 25 pounds, it’s ridiculous lol. All of them have the most awesome personalities. I definitely lucked out in the furbabies department 😀

I hope everyone had a beautiful 4th of July and thank you SO much again for all your support and love ! I wouldn’t have been able to reach a milestone like this without every single one of you ! 😀

XoXo – Elizabeth Rose X0

P.S. Please like and Retweet my Tweet below ! Every little bit helps in getting me partnered ! Love you guys 🙂